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Band II

Meinongian Issues in Contemporary Italian Philosophy. Hg. v. Venanzio Raspa. Frankfurt et al.: Ontos Verlag (2006). 266 S.


  • Venanzio Raspa: Introduction: Thinking with and on Meinong in Italy
  • Riccardo Martinelli: Meinong and Music. On Musical Objects of Higher Order
  • Francesca Modenato: Alexius Meinong on Ontology and Object Theory
  • Mario Alai: Speaking of Nonexistent Objects
  • Alberto Voltolini: Being, Existence, and Having Instances
  • Carola Barberg: Cry for a Shadow, Emotions and Object Theory
  • Francesco Orilia: States of Affairs: Bradley vs. Meinong
  • Guido Bonino: Why There Are No Facts in Meinong’s World (according to Gustav Bergmann)


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